Kitesurfing in Schellinkhout

The flat water kitesurf spot!
The kitesurf spot in Schellinkhout is a big area located close to the center of Schellinkhout. The kitesurf spot is easy to reach, there is lots of space to park your car and a big grass field for all your equipment. The water is knee/hip deep and easy reachable from the grass area or a small beach.

The water is flat and calm, which makes Schellinkhout a good location for kitesurfing.

Kitesurf wind directions in Schellinkhout

The area of Schellinkhout is nice and open, which means not many tress or buildings. The wind therefore stays stabile. In Schellinkhout there is lots of possibilities, from North-west wind till a south wind its possible to kitesurf in Schellinkhout.

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  • Schellinkhout is a popular place, which sometimes makes it really busy, esspecially on windy days. The area is luckily big enough for everybody, but if you go for yourself avoid downwind side of the kite area.

  • At our school the coffee is always warm.

  • By the kitesurf location it’s free to park.

Zuiderdijk 54

There is no train station in Schellinkhout

Bus 412.
stop by De Dregt, Schellinkhout

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